From more than 50 years, Moba Eurotubi Group is one of the leading company in the manufacturing of spiral and convolute paper tubes and cores, for winding and packaging. Thanks to all the activities carried out among the 2 production sites located in North of Italy (Moba) and in the Centre-south of Italy (Eurotubi), is capable to ensure a coverage throughout all the national and international territory, satisfying any customer need.
The product range includes both "standard" paper tubes and cores - which include high and low thickness  tubes, tubes with special external covers, printed tubes and rings of various sizes -  "special" tubes like skived ones, tubes with longitudinal cut, parallel and spiral tubes with flag, tubes for straps and ropes, tubes with double-side adhesive tape, embossed, with smooth surface, pre-cut and polished tubes.
The range is completed by new innovative products, which are the results of research and development activities carried out within the Group, like paper square tubes, rectangular tubes, "U" profile, edge protector and 2/4 ways entry pallets, with structure made entirely from cardboard. Moba Eurotubi Group products are mostly used in sectors such as the textile, paper industry, plastic, medical, packaging and logistics.