From more than 50 years, Moba Eurotubi is one of the leading company in the manufacturing of spiral and convolute paper tubes and cores, for converting and packaging applications.
Related activities are carried out by the 2 production sites respectively located in Northern and in the Center-South of Italy, allowing us to ensure a perfect footprint across Italy and foreign markets.
The standard product range includes high and low thicknesses paper tubes, rectangular and square paper tube, 2 / 4 ways paper pallet, paper edge protector / U profile tubes, plastic tubes and caps.
To complete its offer, Moba Eurotubi realizes also paper tubes and cores with special features, among which: skived cores, cores with longitudinal cutting, pre-cut cores, convolute and spiral tubes with double-side adhesive, smooth and embossed cores, cores with prints and special covering papers, pre-cut rings for straps and ropes.