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More than half a century history. Here we retrace the most important stages of the evolution of Moba Eurotubi, a family business dedicated since 1961 in the production and sale of cardboard tubes and cores all over the world.

Moba Eurotubi is specialized in the industrial production of cardboard tubes for winding and packaging. Our tubes are commonly called cardboard "cores" because of their use.  A large part of the market uses our cores to wrap textile, plastic and technical materials. It follows, therefore, that tube is an essential support for processing; a raw material that creates added value within the production processes.  The optimizations and know-how gained in more than 50 years of history, allows Moba Eurotubi to provide the market with a high-performance product.

The production of our cardboard tubes is an apparently very simple operation, but it contains in itself many hours of work, analysis and tests of improvement. The paper roll is the main character in the first production stage. These gigantic rolls of paper are placed next to each other on special machines. From there, the reels of recycled paper are unwound to the rewinding spindle. In the middle, each paper reels is soaked in dextrin-based adhesives, 100% natural.  Thickness, size and quantity of glue vary according to the final product.  Once the paper reel converge into a single point, our tube takes shape from there, which will then pass to the cutting phase to give the product its final length. Much of the process is mechanized and subjected to strict quality controls.
All our tubes are manufactured using regenerated/recovered cardboard in grey and kraft grades. In one year we use about 700.000 km of paper equivalent in weight to 62.000 tons for an average of about 150 million tubes produced.
Moba Srl establishment
Moba Srl relocated in Montarfano
(Como) Italy
Eurotubi Srl establishment in Sessano
del Molise (Isernia) Italy
Cimpack Srl acquisition
Cimpack Srl merging in Moba Srl
Moba Srl 50° Anniversary
Re-qualification of Moba Srl
production site
Moba Srl and Eurotubi Srl
merging in Moba Eurotubi Srl
Re-qualification of production sites and warehouses
Tubicom Spa acquisition
60th Anniversary
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