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Square paper tubes


Q-TUBE - Spiral cardboard tubes with square and rectangular section made in various lengths and thicknesses. Made in one single process using high quality cardboards, Q-Tube is considerably much more resistant than others convolute square tubes, offering a greater protection to anything it contains. Its light and strong structure indeed, makes Q-Tube the perfect container for storage or shipping goods that need protection when handled.
Optimize your storage space and simplify staking phases thanks to its square shape. Q-Tube effectively represents the best solution for generate immediate logistics cost savings. Being 100% recyclable, the Q-Tube technology is a natural and green substitute of wood and polystyrene for any kind of packaging solution.


  • S/G standard product based on recycled coreboard
  • S/R product reinforced with kraft coreboard
  • S/K high resistance product with kraft coreboard
  • S/K HQ and HQ+ high resistance product realized with HQ kraft coreboard


from 3 to 9 mm


from 400 mm to more than 10.000 mm

Square section

45x45 mm - 50x50 mm - 70x70 mm - 90x90 mm - 95x95 mm - 120x120 mm - 150x150 mm - 170x170 mm - 250x250 mm - 370x370 mm

Rectangular section

45x85 mm - 60x80 mm - 45x72 mm - 60x120 mm


Differences dimensions and measures upon request. Available closures: plastic caps or custom closures
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