Moba Eurotubi is capable to supply all the industrial sectors, which use paper tubes and cores for packaging and winding.

The markets we mainly serve are: companies that produce plastic films, paper mills companies, textile / non woven, adhesive tapes, labels, metals, packaging and protective.
In addition special sectors such as: medical, fireworks, thermocouples, tubes for building/constructions and irrigation system.

At the bottom of the page you can see some photos of the main applications of our product; while below download our company brochure.


Plastic films

Paper tubes and cores designed for winding stretch film, flexible packaging, BOPP, CPP, PE, PVC, shrink, industrial, food, printed and protective packaging.

Paper mills

Paper tubes and cores with specific technical requirements for any kind of paper: graphic, printing, packaging, corrugated, tissue, cardboard and coreboard.


Large-diameter tubes for coil production of aluminum, steel, copper, painted sheets, laminates and metal extrusions. Or small tubes for domestic household and professional use.

Textile / Non woven

Different types of paper tubes for cloths and non-wovens production. Customizations on request

Adhesive tapes / labels

Wide range of paper tubes and cores for self-adhesive tapes and labels industry, with a high level of customization.

Packaging / Protective

Square and cylindrical paper tubes for shipping/storage, "U" profile tubes, large format and high thickness edge protectors, 2/4 ways entry cardboard pallets.


Rectangular, square and round tubes designed specifically for the development of buildings and small structures.

Medical Use

Cardboard tubes and cores designed for medical use especially in laboratories and clinics.
Wide range of customization options.


Cardboard tubes and core for fireworks, thermocouples, and irrigation systems.
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