Our quality system

Laboratory / R&D

Moba Eurotubi has fully equipped labs with state-of- the-art technologies for raw material and finished product tests, in order to certify the conformity of required specifications. All tests are carried out in accordance with national and international rules/standard.

Support services for customers are available also on site during the different phases of the processes; for instance: start up, new application or machines, products, etc.
Customer service also includes the supply of further and specific analyses, realized in cooperation with external laboratories.

Radial test

The ”memory effect“ of the film as well as each single layer of the reel causes forces in the direction of the core. As the film is around the core, the stress on the core is a radial pressure on its surface. Each layer of film increases this force. The maximum amount of that radial pressure the core is able to handle without a functional damage is called the "Radial Crush Resistance". "Radial Test" is the only way to obtain reliable, reproduceable and fast measure about stress on the core. This test allows us to promptly solve any problems of core collapse optimizing the product, improve the safety margin in processing, monitor the quality of the cores shipped to customers and have a clear reference during the production of special and customized cores.

Flat Crush Test

Inside our laboratories we carry out continuous tests on our products, in order to stress and test the different production batches. Depending on the final use of our cardboard tubes we carry out the flat crush test combined with other laboratory tests.
The test consists in the horizontal compression of the cardboard tube in the middle of two flat plates. This kind of test is made for measuring the resistance, recreating the stress conditions of the tube.

Quality and Enviroment

The three production plants in Montorfano, Lucca and Sessano adopt a quality system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 for the following purpose: "design and manufacturing of paper cores". Moba Eurotubi was the first company to obtain this certification in the italian paper core industry. The mission pursued by Moba Eurotubi coincides with the search for maximum customer satisfaction in relation to the quality of the products and services provided.
For each processes have been established appropriate procedures and instructions both for primary and secondary activities compared to predefined acceptability levels, and specific target for periodically reviewed functions. The management system is constantly updated according to its evolution coinciding with the market variables, the relevant regulatory framework, as well as the technology and the product quality levels demanded by the market.
The environmental profile management and the health and safety in the workplaces, characterize the activity of our company, operating in plants perfectly integrated with the natural and social environment they live in, which set the respect of the environment and the individual among its primary objectives. The environmental sustainability of the product and the process it can be really measured through the use of natural and ecological materials: 100% recycled paper and coreboard, the glue used is a dextrin based from vegetal origin, the water-based ink contains only substances rated as non-hazardous, the adoption of a management system based on the recovery of all waste and residues deriving from manufacturing processes, the design of research & development activities aimed at achieving product and process innovation capable of growing its environmental sustainability over time.

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