Our services


Moba and Eurotubi has huge spaces dedicated to the storage of raw materials and finish products, relying on a total warehouse surface area of more than 10.000 square meters.
Our company adopts packaging solutions tested and guaranteed for the both purposes of ensuring the warehouse staff safety, and safeguarding product integrity during all the following handling, shipping and storage phases. Moreover, all the packages are supplied with operating instructions for the safe handling/storage and the proper product preservation, in order to maintain over time the product conformity from a technical and qualitative point of view and its suitability for the final use.


Moba Eurotubi is fully integrated into all productive and logistic aspects, allowing a fast and accurate delivery management even outside the national borders.
Customized services are capable for managing storage and transportation phases, even available on just in time basis.
Latest generation of drying system, allow to minimize the time required for the stabilization of the product, with an improvement both on the warehouse rotation and on the product performances.
Furthermore, the high availability of fully equipped loading and unloading areas, with non-stop service all day long, facilitate an efficient and effective management of the related logistical networks.
Shipping and transport services realized through selected and qualified carriers, capable to ensure optimized solutions for the shipment of goods according to the product size and respecting the regulations of the transport sector.

After-Sales Service

Moba Eurotubi after-sales service and customer service are aimed to ensure to the customers a quick feedback, to provide administrative support services, implementing a technical assistance services, if necessary also by sending to the customer site qualified personnel.
Moba Eurotubi is also capable to manage customer requirements in a very fast and effective way, those requirements could refer to provide product in emergencies.
The technical support service, thanks to the expertise and the "know how" acquired by the internal resources over the years, are not limited just to the quality-assurance, but can be also extended to specific consultancy in terms of analysis and evaluating the right product for any application.
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